As there are no appeal rights for it, it is important for you to fill out the application completely and provide the required information. Anyone who has experienced this kind of situation? Either actual paper tickets or eTickets are good. She is filling up the online application with the help of me and my wife.

I need 2 additional weeks so that I can travel across Australia and visit all the top spots for tourists. More details Copies of all pages of your passport s leter blank oneswhich are valid for your entire requested period of stay in the U.

US Visitor Visa Extension

Not affiliated with any government agency. Please see attached letter from [Name of doctor].

Therefore, I respectfully request you to approve their extension of stay and provide us with an extended I Moreover, my work schedule and commitments don’t allow me to take multiple longer vacations in a covef duration.

I will be residing in the Hilton chain of hotels during my entire stay at Australia across different cities.

Sample Visa extension letter for tourists

Please contact me in case further documentation is needed from me. As they are elderly, they have not been able to make extensive travel as it would be very exhausting for them. I have also been unable to visit the Great Barrier Reef so far. At the time of departure both the new and the old I has to lteter submitted.


In case of any concerns, feel free to contact me at In worst cases you might be forcibly deported from the country. I need the extension so that I can explore Australia more thoroughly. Box Dallas, TX Sub: Copy of passport bio-data and visa pages.

B2 Visa, Visitor Visa Extension – Sample Letter

Current visa valid until: USCIS recommends that you file the extension at least 45 days before the authorized stay expires. Not affiliated cover letter for b2 visa extension any government agency. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [number] or [email]. View Cart Checkout Continue Shopping. You should submit the following documents for filing for visitors visa extension. My son has recently been engaged and the wedding will be held on [Date].

Click here to download your free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Once downloaded, please open doubleclick the zip folder and in it you will see your Kit in. Cover letter for b2 visa extension seeing their age I am not sure whether they would be able to commute such a long journey next time or not. They have their business, other children, grand children and other family in India.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application, please feel free to contact me lefter any time at Home or Work. In order to extend the stay there are certain prerequisite conditions:. It can take a few weeks to process your case. Your kit is downloaded as a zip file.