The travel grant can be used to cover travel costs, such as transportation, accommodation and registrations fees. Further information on the call is available by email anita.

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All the disciplines have their own funds completiob to finance research projects, researchers and students of their own discipline. The purpose of this report is to assess the real dissertation completion grant university of helsinki costs and to get some feedback from doctoral candidates.

In addition, the travel grants can be applied to participate in other scientific courses and meetings in Finland.

The below outlined travel grants are dependent on the annual funding and the economics permitting this support. When you have received a positive decision, please read the payment instructions carefully! Salaried doctoral candidate positions. Applications do not include attachments. Here you can find information about the financial support for all doctoral candidates.

Applicants should complete a Licentiate of Medicine or Licentiate of Dentistry degree or a second-cycle degree e. The applications are evaluated according to the uniform evaluation criteria of the University of Helsinki Funds.

The language used in the interviews is English. Collect the requested information and signatures, scan and attach the letter as a pdf file to your Aava application by September 27, at 3.

The doctoral candidates are dissertation completion grant university of helsinki for full-time positions with the aim of completing their doctoral degree in four years.

The doctoral candidates selected for the dissertation shall be hired for full-time employment for the duration of years, with the aim that the doctoral degree shall be completed within the duration of the employment.


Dissertation completion grant university of helsinki University of Helsinki Funds uiversity Finnish offers grants and scholarships only to students and researchers of the University of Helsinki the only exception is The Cooperative Teaching and Research Fund.

Dissertation completion grant

Box 3, University of Helsinki. More information about funding at www. Please mention, if you have some other funding available for your trip. Demonstrate that the applicant is motivated and driven with the potential to develop into an independent researcher in the field of clinical medicine Propose a thesis supervisor that can provide adequate supervision, research project funding, mentoring and scientific training of the doctoral candidate Contain a scientifically sound and well planned thesis project which thematically fits in the scope of the doctoral programme Demonstrate that the research project can dissertation completion grant university of helsinki completed within the intended timeframe i.

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Funds have been donated to the University of Helsinki the past centuries. The application form can be found here. Estimate and present your costs commpletion detailed and realistically as possible in the application. University of Helsinki allocates funding to doctoral programmes for salaried doctoral candidate positions. Salaried doctoral candidate positions.

For research visits emphasis is given to the benefit of the visit for the progress of the thesis work.

Please note that in YEB doctoral school the three application times concern grants for attending courses, conferenses etc. Application and selection process September, Please note that before applying for dissertatiion salaried doctoral candidate position the applicant is required to find an appropriate research group and supervisor. Please note, that if you are not an employee of the University of Helsinki, you have to take care of your own travel insurance.


The Aava system will automatically send an email notification to the email address provided on the application dissertation completion grant university of helsinki for the primary supervisor.

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Confirm from the coordinator of your doctoral school well in advance, whether there are any detailed instructions concerning the submission or schedule of processing the applications available. The interviews will be arranged at the end of November, Your application will then be evaluated uhiversity the usual dissertation completion grant university of helsinki by the board of the doctoral programme but also submitted for evaluation by the Centre of Excellence.

As the right to study for a doctoral degree is a precondition for beginning employment in a doctoral candidate position funded by the University, you must apply for the right to study for a doctoral degree in addition to applying for the fixed-term trant candidate position.