Microstrip antennas have extensively used in commercial and military applications due to their attractive advantages. A Microstrip patch antenna has become a popular in research area.

This difficulty may require the use of two more different types or structures of antenna elements with different characteristics. FR4 epoxy material is used for substrate of proposed antenna Dielectric Constant Table of Contents Alerts. Here, a novel Ku-band dual-polarization microstrip antenna array with a mixed feeding network, that is, the slot coupled feeding V-port and the co-plane feeding H-portis designed by our group, as shown in Figure 3.

Design is modified latest research paper on microstrip patch antenna making a u slot so as to make similar to that of reference antenna as there are certain draw backs of microstrip antenna. The work presented herein is a simulation based study.

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Present study demonstrates the Microstrip Antenna with Wideband Circularly Polarization free qntenna Abstract A novel planar microstrip-fed antenna with wideband circularly polarization CP is presented. Some important array performance parameters such as gain, null depth and axial ratio AR are also given in Table 3. Operators are looking for systems that can perform over several frequency bands. As all of the structures fabricated at once, the accuracy and reseach uniformity can be assured.

A composite antenna composed with a left-handed circularly polarized LHCP microstrip antenna and a linear polarized omnidirectional biconical antenna is proposed by our group to meet this requirement [ 36 ]. Abstract Although the microstrip antenna has been extensively studied in the past few decades as one of the standard planar antennas, it still has a huge potential for further developments.


A Review free download Abstract: Latest research paper on microstrip patch antenna in Science Citation Index Expanded.

The proposed antenna consists of a rectangular radiating patch with L- and U-shaped slots and ground plane. As shown in the measured results, very good performance can be obtained with the DCWS antenna array. Also effect of U slot inclusion on latesf of patch antenna was analyzed.

Vikram Thakur 1Sanjeev Kashyap 2 M.

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The antenna operates at the Local Multipoint Distribution Service band having a center frequency at View at Google Scholar L. Anrenna has been a lot of research in the past decade in this area. This study was conducted to investigate the feasibility of loop antenna in gauging level of salinity of water via electromagnetic wave reflection.

For different wireless applications, the selected range of frequency is 2. Introduction The concept of microstrip antenna was first introduced in the s [ 1 ]. For obtaining multiband and wideband characteristics, different latest research paper on microstrip patch antenna have been used like cutting slot in patch, fractal geometry [2] and DGS [10].

Bhartia, Microstrip AntennasArtech House, In this RMPA DGS technique Bandwidth Improvement for Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Metamaterials free latest research paper on microstrip patch antenna Demand for wireless communications and portable compact wireless communications devices continues to grow, and designers everywhere are grappling pn ways to make these devices smaller.


In this paper after review and om dimensions of patch are taken same with respect to reference paper [1] and work has been carried out to modify the patch structure to obtain improved results in respect to return mjcrostrip and bandwidth at same frequency.

This antenna consists of a parasitic patch, a driven patch, a stripline feeding network, a broad-band coaxial line to stripline transition, some buried screw holes, and some via holes.

International Journal of Antennas and Propagation. The antenna operating frequency range is 5.


Another problem to be solved is the low gain for conventional microstrip antenna element. In particular, three areas for further development of microstrip antennas are presented based on our previous works on microstrip antenna elements and arrays. The results prove the validity and feasibility of the THz antenna designed using micro-electromechanical systems MEMSs technology. The given paper presents latest research paper on microstrip patch antenna compact microstrip fed rectangular monopole antenna for ultra wideband communication.