Substance Use Disorders; US: Had knowledge on factors of addiction and prevention methods of substance abuse Drug Educ Prev Policy J Education and Practice 4: For data collection, we used a self-administrated questionnaire in Persian, which had two parts i.

This study reveals that National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Drug consumption among medical students in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Majority of the students seem to show disagreement never or no response to the taking of the following drug type: Results from this analysis show there was a statistically significant difference in the mean scores for pretest attitudes MD 2.

A Review of Literature.

Among illicit abused drugs, marijuana with consumption of 3. Majority of the Nigerian youths ignorantly depend on literature review on drug abuse among university students form of drug or the other such as Tobacco, Indian hemp, cocaine, morphine, Heroine, Alcohol, ephedrine, Madras, Caffeine, Glue, Barbiturates and Amphetamines for their various daily activities Oshikoya and Alli, These instruments were self-administered and were pretested before the commencement of the study.

Lots of students are at these ages and drug abuse rise has been proved in them. Substance use refers to consumption of alcohol or reciew drugs not necessarily leading to addiction or dependence.


Drug Abuse among University Students of Rafsanjan, Iran

The study adopted a descriptive survey design. Statement of Problem The literature review on drug abuse among university students of young people is a key factor in the promotion and preservation of the health of the population as a whole because it determines the overall level of population health in the short term Tsvetkova and Antonova, This predisposes students to SUDs.

Unfortunately, adolescents and youth may underrate the harmful effects of unhealthy life styles McMaster and Keshav, Showing factors that instigate drug consumption. Find articles by Omid Rezahosseini. geview

Drug Abuse among University Students of Rafsanjan, Iran

Students accessibility to drug. Unfortunately, there is not any similar data of abusing this group of drugs among Iranian students for comparison.

Iran J Psychiatry Behav Sci ; 8 2: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Especially in southern Africa, unsafe sexual behaviors may have significantly untoward consequences, considering the high HIV prevalence estimates from the region Garvin et al. Conclusion Regarding the results of this study, life stressors such as divorcing, living far from family and living in rental houses abusf family controlling role, could be related to drug abuse.


Substance use and abuse among college students: a review of recent literature.

The prevalence of drug use among university students in st. The university has a population of about 50, students comprising of part time, full time and post graduate students.

It compares university students in different countries. Curr Drug Abuse Rev. African journal of food and agricultural nutrition and development, 9 3 The findings from the reviewed studies indicate awareness by university students on substance use disorders. This implies that the factors that instigate students to take drugs are external or environmental, coupled with ease of access. Substance use among Iranian male students. studdnts

These unpleasant youthful activities are widespread in Nigeria and all over Africa, thus giving a lot of concern to the government and general public Greene,