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The poem makes the the unknown citizen poem essay want to look over his shoulder to see if Big Brother is still watching from He had everything a modern man needed at home; a phonograph the s equivalent of poe, MP3 playerradio, car, and frigidaire refrigerator. Routine is something that everyone follows. He was an outcast in Europe because he was gay. Auden wants to portray soldiers as ideal citizens in a government-controlled state who risks their lives citozen serve their country wanted name and fame, but remained unknown.

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The citizen has become faceless in modern society. The unknown citizen had all the right parts.

The speaker is trying to predict our lives in the future when a human will be only worth a statistic or a number in a pool of many others. The speaker uses a great deal of sarcasm as he describes the man in the poem.

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He thought for himself and did not follow what others had to say. The poem was written in after Auden moved from England to the unknown citizen poem essay colonies [the United States]. Everything is described in great detail and many examples are provided throughout the poem. His opinions were those that conform to the accepted opinions. The Bureau of Statistic which deal with statistics every day and have information about everyone in the country says that there were no official complaint of the Unknown citizen.


The speaker seems to feel that when someone goes onto the right path without doing anything the unknown citizen poem essay they are unknown. The poem can be the future to some, portraying the values in society to some, and for some just a description of a statistic.

The word is capitalized, which makes it seem like it is very important. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Auden expresses the purpose of the poem through use of imagery, representation through language of sense experience. The man in the poem follows everything he is supposed to do. The speaker uses an extended the unknown citizen poem essay in the poem. The Unknown Citizen essay Essay. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

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It shows what the poet thought might be the future of the individual if the government continued to pry into personal business. The purpose Auden wrote this poem could be to ridicule what the unknown citizen poem essay man who lives in conformity is like. He was born in York, England, in and died in Vienna in One of the important elements that often used by Auden to make the poem more vivid and forceful is figurative language.

If there had been anything wrong, the government would have known about it.

This poem mocks a man who lives in conformity. This comparison is addressed throughout the poem and an extended metaphor is formed.

“The Unknown Citizen” by W.H Auden Essay

The poem is filled with sarcasm and literary devices. The speaker has magnificently used a rhetorical question and the sarcastic tone in the poem. The speaker has written the poem with great description.